Symphonic Deathcore as its finest:            This is RUINS OF PERCEPTION!

The five-piece combo straight outta Berlin, Germany combines aggressive-chunky rhythms anddiabolic gutturals with spherical choirs & orchestrals and catchy melodies to create their very ownkind of music. Elements from deathcore, slam, symphonic and black metal are merging together - the result is an absolutely unique and heavy sound!

Over the years Ruins of Perception has established their own and strong fan base & played a lot of shows and small tours across Germany. The boys started to go abroad and made their international debut in a couple of european countries (Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden). Well-known death metal and core festivals, such as Frostfeuernächte, Deathfeast Open Air or the HERRIE Metal Festival already recognized & invited the band to bring total devestation to the masses! Their fans already telling it: „ROP will be the german respone to Lorna Shore & Shadow of Intent!“.

Their debut album SHINIGAMI (2022) marks the beginning of a totally new chapter - the symbiosis of beautiful and bonecrushing tunes.
After signing a new deal with the us based record label SEEK & STRIKE Ruins of Perception is back with the their newest release in 2024: BALLADS OV BLOOD!
More relentless and reckless than ever, Ruins of Perception guide us into the dark world of vampires and enshroud their listeners within a monumental thunderstorm of dark symphony and melancholy, spiced with breakdowns and slams. Each song tells its own story. Last but not least: with Dan Tucker from Crown Magnetar & David Simonich from Signs of the Swarm the EP receives twice as brutal support as guest vocalists!

Ruins of Perception – the beginning of a new era.

Current Line - Up

Maximilian Gaube

(2016 - now)
Guitar & Backing Vocals

Hagen Petschat

(2016 - now)
Main Vocals

Matthias Görlach

(2018 - now)

Jeremy Gehrke

(2021 - now)