Symphonic Deathcore as its finest:            This is RUINS OF PERCEPTION!

The four-piece combo straight outta Berlin, Germany combines aggressive-chunky rhythms and
diabolic gutturals with spherical choirs & orchestrals and catchy melodies to create their very own kind of music. Elements from deathcore, slam, symphonic and black metal are merging together - the result is an absolutely unique and heavy sound!

Founded in 2016 as a generic metalcore project, they invented themself totally new during the years and have been reborn as one of the heaviest and most passionate bands Germany has seen in a long time!

Their debut album SHINIGAMI (released in 2022) marks the beginning of a totally new chapter - the symbiosis of beautiful and bonecrushing tunes.
Inspired by the japanese death god cult, this long player tells the story of the eternal battle between the soul reapers and the demons of the intermediate world, who refuse to enter the hereafter and want to drag the world into darkness.

Over the years RUINS OF PERCEPTION has established their own and strong fan base and played a lot of shows and small tours across Germany. Their fans already telling it: „ROP is going to be the german respone to Shadow of Intent & Lorna Shore!“.

Current Line - Up

Maximilian Gaube

(2016 - now)
Guitar & Backing Vocals

Hagen Petschat

(2016 - now)
Main Vocals

Matthias Görlach

(2018 - now)

Jeremy Gehrke

(2021 - now)